Energy Profit

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A game based on the McDonalds video game, as an ironic game, but here you play a corrupt politician who does everything to get the maximum profit in his pocket. He is  ruining the highlands with dams, hydro stations and power lines to make cheap energy for alumnium smelters. Do do this he has to corrupt and manipulate a lot of people and please his inverstor.


Main character

The corrupt politician : Archetype and role

The evil corrupt capitalist that does whatever to nature and his country for maximum profit. You can choose between a man or a woman in suit.

The Investor : Archetype and role

Also an evil corrupt capitalist and an economic hitman, that ones a multi billion company and gains profit by corrupting politicians, giving loans that counties can’t pay and maximizing profit at any cost. A fat, bold italian.

Minor characters / Interactions: Archetype and role

Farmers, journalists, environmentalist, general public, artists, tourist industry, scientist and other politicians. They all play minor character that you can corrupt, brive or lie to.

Spatial strucute / the world

The game has 3 3d levels that all interact with on another. You can click on buildings for actions.

A. The Energy board

Here are the unspoiled highlands – for now. A beautiful nature everywhere you look. Here you can build dams, resevor lakes and power lines. By doing this you ruin unspoiled land, important ground for birdlife, ruin fishing in the rivers and make it untracctable for tourists.

B. The Aluminium smelter

Here you run your smelter built by tax payers and the investor. Here you have a dock where you get baxit from Australia with ships and turn it into aluminium. You pollute the air and sea and have heavy power lines everywhere. 

Here you can pay off the mayor of the town and also farmers.

C. Headquarters 

Here we have the parliament, media, your office, scientist and the people. Here you can make a speech about the economy boom and all the jobs the smelter produces and all with “clean” energy so it really is “green aluminium”. You can also make the media write stories to undermine the god damn enviromental hippies and make the scientist do they’re work again for some reason.

So in the 3 worlds that work together you can click on houses to do actions.

Objectives of the game

The objective is to gain the most profit for your investor and your own pocket. And keep everyone happy believing the aluminium industry is producing a lot of money for the country, nice jobs and that we need to do more of it. You have these groups that you have to keep happy otherwise they will rise against you.

  1. Other politicians 
  2. Enviromentalists, organisasions and scientist
  3. The public
  4. The Investor

Teaching objectives

  • To make the player aware of the real cost and corruption of heavy industry and who really gets the profit.
  • Also that heavy industry is not really prodicing a lot of money for the country. that it is never a smart plan only to invest in one industry and the nature is more valuable unspoiled.

How to win/lose the game

After you have taken all the energy possible out of the hydro damns, the price for aluminium falls in the world as industry hemp replaces it for everything instead and at a low cost and in a sustainable way.


Idea of a serious game

My idea of a game is to work with the Icelandic Highlands which can be a little bit like the wild west. And teach people how to travel safely and protect the environment. Along the way learn survival skills for hikers, how to use a super jeep, skills in weather and equipment for highlands as well as learning cultural heritage of the land/nature for example about highland travels history, meaning of names and folklore like outlaws, hidden people, elves, trolls, 13 mean santa clauses, the christmas cat, grýla, magic, and so on.

Gameplay/World: A kind of a treasure hunt game in the Icelandic highlands played on the spot or a game you can play wherever for teaching purposes or to plan your trip before travelling, you would choose a special part for example the north of the highlands and the game would give you a quest. That would include a map of the ares with driving roads + hiking paths + special stops. You would start at place A and go through the map and finish tasks on the way. As you go further, spend more days or finish more challenges you unlock more facts/secret places.

534939-luxor-2-ipad-screenshot-adventure-game-map-1 Gallery-Iceland-highlands-desert-03 url can-stock-photo_csp20191748

Tokens / Badges

Special stops

  • Go up to a mountain
  • Take a marked trail
  • Stay in a tent for 1 night
  • Visit a mountain hut
  • Cross a river on car
  • Cross a river by foot
  • Pick up trash
  • Help a Ranger
  • Ask the Ranger for a question

Surprise challenges

  • The weather changes so you have to change your plan otherwise you might get stuck because your car cant cross the rivers anymore or your tent brakes in the wind.
  • Volcanic eruption, you have to take shelter find a hut, save water, send a signal and get rescued.
  • Glacier flood changes the rivers so you have to take another way.
  • Elves or outlaws steal your food or equipment.
  • You find someone that has a broken leg and have to make a splinter out of materials like clothing and tape.
  • You get a flat tire and have to fix it with a mud cap.

Minus points

  • If your drive off road
  • if you take stones, minerals, or damage the soil in any way
  • Damage your car by driving the wrong way over rivers, ( you have to drive slowly, choose the crossing wisely and drive down with the current)
  • If you dont have enough equipment
  • If you get lost and need food and shelter and the rescue team has to find you
  • You dont put the car in 4wheel drive when going up hills and crossing rivers
  • you dont have the right air pressure in the tires when driving on a rough road.

The main mission: Complete the quest and return safely from the highlands.

Players and platform: There can be one player and up to as many as possible. The game would be a app that you can preferably play on your phone or tablet.

Educational value: The player or players get fun facts, Icelandic history and how they travel and information about the nature and places as well as an interesting travel plan and the posibilitiy to unlock secret places, photo moment spots and fun challenges. Also most people that are traveling in nature want to help protect it.  Would be great for a family, one person or a group traveling. And last but not least the player will travel safely. Also how to drive a 4 wheel jeep and what equipment you should bring.

The game would also use the method of nature interpitation that is well used by rangers and guides working in national parks to give people a better feeling for the environment by telling stories and using games and therefor increasing the value and peoples connection to environment.

The players will automatically travel in a safe way for them, nature and their vehicle. Protecting the landscape and hopefully help take trash and they will enjoy a highland trip without ruining their car, getting stuck, lost or paying a high fine for driving off the road/path.

Funfactor, value for player: Gets information and location about interesting areas, how to get there and why to go there, photographic places, information about how to travel safely.

Illustration for the game

Our objective is to find a visual design that is stunning but still quite simple to make in a short period, here are a few inspirations:

  1. Monument Valley

A really beautifully designed game but still a quite simple platform game with few characters. The game really uses the touch screen technique to enhance gameplay by making you rotate stairs and paths with finger swipe in its 3d platform puzzle maze. It has a nice pastel palette but also has deep colors and small characteristics for example like the princess feet.

By mixing together adventurous and rich arhcitecture like a Taj mahal + labyrinth you can make a nice platform world.

Monument_Valley_icon_unrounded screenshot2 url

2. A game like football manager

In the old versions of that kind of a game you dont need any fancy graphics, just a few layouts to play with.

screenshots unnamed-1


3. Go for a super simple, minimalistic design like tetris or minecraft. Use shadow, a good colour palette, no background and abstract characters, tokens and levels. The folding of the game can be new colours and storyline/mission written in text.

Alkas-Simple-Texture-Pack rymdkapsel-580 url-1

For a serious game that we want to include a good learning experience we have a lot of possibilities for design as the concept should be the main focus, though of course the design should underline the purpose, help deliver information efficiently to the users and be appealing.


Stefanía R

Phylo – a serious game

Phylis is a problem or a puzzle solving game wheres the player in genetic sequence fragments GETS That needs to be aligned, as representation in colored blocks, placid That are on a single row of a grid.

The players needs to adjust the sequences as NECESSARY in order to create the color Largest number of matches in EACH column between Them.


Levels / Gameplay

First the player to Chooses category wheres genetics play a role. For example: Blood and immune system diseases, heart and muscle or maybe infectious diseases. In EACH category there are different stages and to proceed to the next stage the player has to find the best match possible.

How to win

A computer-Determined par score must be beaten by the player before moving on to the next round and unlocking more sequences to match. A player wins and is Allowed to submit theire sequence alignment to the database by matching or surpassing the par final score generated by the computer for each puzzle.


The sequences in the game are for real and date are still high scoring Alignments to the McGill Centre for Bioinformatics and are further Tested. That better Scores are computer generated Then the waves are further used globally. Making the player part of helping scientist understanding the role of genetics in disease EACH.


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play the game:


Stefania Ragnarsdottir