Hi everyone,

i am XinYu Lu,  you can just call me Alicia. Before to start the introduction about myself, i am so appreciated that i can get the opportunity to become an exchange student here, and i feel so happy that i found so many nice teachers and friends in barcelona.

Shanghai is my hometown, located in the east of China. And i have been studied in Shanghai Art & Design Academy for entire 4 years. My major is Game Design, and i have already learned basic ideas and technology about it. What’s more, graphic design is also my favorite. After 4 years study, i become proficient in many software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe premiere,3d max and so on. After this amazing trip in Barcelona, i do believe that i will gian more creative ideas and more advanced technology in this field.

Talking about my leisure time, i am a good guitar player, a good painter and a sport girl who love swimming very much. But calligraphy is my favorite hobby. Writting calligraphy is one of the traditional Chinese culture. Through writting calligraphy, i can make myself calm down, and greatly relax myself  when i am stressful.

In the remaining five months in the University of Barcelona, i will keep studying harder, and try to improve both of my Spansih and English. And of course, i also hope to get to know more friends here.

Thank you

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