Flyway: a game that makes you think

FLYWAY_Edalli Giulia – Panni Federico – Masalaci Zeynep

presentazione flyway


The idea of designing this game came to our mind due to the scandals of the recent years. In Europe, especially in European countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, there is a very tense situation due to a civil war that is lasting since years in the Middle Eastern countries, and especially in Syria. Exhausted of war, hunger and lack of a future perspective, thousands of syrian citizens every day decide to leave and abandon their homeland destroyed and dominated by criminal extremist factions, trying to reach the countries of northern Europe in search of a future. The journey they face is long, dangerous and full of tricks. Just think about that to complete the trip from Syria to Germany, they could cross up to 6/7 countries with different laws, languages, cultures, people, traditions and customs. In this lies the biggest challenge for both the migrant and the host countries: the meeting between diametrically opposed realities with no choice implies to find a compromise for peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial. Our game doesn’t want to enter into the political merit of the question, but it has the main goal to inform people and make them aware of a reality that exists and that we need to know to be able to make our own personal conclusions without the influence of newspapers that exploit the information according to the various political orientations.


The story on which is built this serious game is the attempt of a Syrian family to reach the North of Europe. At the beginning of the game the family finds himself in a war context and the user’s goal is to do his/her best to rescue as much members as possible. The route from Syria to Germany can be carried out in different ways depending on the path that the player chooses for the migrants to follow. For each country in which you pass there are 1 or 2 minigames with different themes and context, in which the family will often be life treatened.


The main characters of the game are the components of a Syrian family on the run. The family is composed by 6 persons with whom, one by one, the player will have the chance to play and to help overcoming the difficulties.

Game tokens

The game tokens inside the game are calculated on the score that the player gained in each level. If the level is exceeded perfectly, the player will earn a maximum of 100 experience points which can be used as currency to pass the various frontiers that require it. By participating to the Extra Game you can also earn additional game tokens of different types (fire, sweater, water, train ticket, passport, identity card, telephon and map) that will allow to pass some levels in an easier manner.

Game World

The game world is contained between two countries (Germany and Syria) that embody very well the idea of the beginning and end of the journey that a group of migrants will have to make to get away from the war and to find a better future in northern Europe. The look on the gameworld is therefore from above, a perspective which tends to reinforce the idea of how people, through culture and awareness, have the possibility of making their journey easier. In the game world are included all those countries that are affected by two main migration routes: the sea route and the land route (called “Balkans’ route”). Specifically, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Bosnia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Germany are our gameworld.

Extra Game

In addition to a lot of minigames contained in the game, an Extra Game has been inserted, in the form of event. The gameplay is completely real: the participants have the opportunity to meet together in a place at a certain time with the purpose of passing a day of fun, learning and aggregation. During the event, held at the Parc de la Citadella in Barcelona, the participants can invite other people to download the game, making sure that they can participate to the game. Specifically, the event is set up as an Hide & Seek 2.0, in which the participants, armed with smartphones, will go in search of the QR codes, that were hidden in specific and significant places by the master (chosen by the organizer). Each player receives a different order of clues (published on facebook by the master) to search the QR codes. The partecipants can ask people around them some informations about the location of the diffent places. The participants can win some game tokens, such as a passport, fire, a vest, a train ticket, water etc. that players can use in the game to proceed in an easier way.

Clues on facebook

Game’s objectives

The principal goal of the game is to rescue a Syrian family and take it safely to Germany. To be able to proceed in the path, the player has to pass several themed minigames. There are 8 minigames and each one has its own goal. In the Extra Game the goal is to find the tickets hidden by the master to win some game tokens useful for your game.

Pedagogical objectives

Flyway has more than one pedagogical objective in it: the most relevant is to make people conscious, through the constructivist logic, about the situation and the difficulties that syrian refugees have to face along their desperate journey to safety. Infact, in each minigame, the players can get in contact with one of the many problems that migrants must face, coming to the end of the game with a number of concepts that can help them to formulate their thoughts about it. The pedagogical objective, however, doesn’t stop there: in the Extra Game, made entirely in reality, players also have the opportunity to know some famous hot spots of the place in which they’re playing, to interact with other people and to find in a moment of aggregation the ability to convey a message of solidarity.




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