Student abroad – survival kit

Student abroad – survival kit

Mariolina Pacelli, Federica De Fraia, Gulcan Selcuk

The first feeling you have in your first few months abroad will be to total freedom: no one will decide when to wake up, eat, study or sleep. Your parents are far away and your Professor doesn’t give a damn about how frequente the lessons are: it is your responsibility.
Its up to you to use this freedom to the best way… or the worst way.
Have fun, live fully your experience off-site, but remember why you’re there: you owe it to your parents, but you owe it above all to yourself.


Manage your time

  • Learn the basics of personal productivity: if you are a student abroad, you don’t have to worry about only the university, but also of what to eat tonight and bills to pay.
  • Stop procrastinating: there is a “disease” that unites thousands of students, is called: procrastination.


Game play
At the beginning of the game you have to create your avatar. You can create it in your own image and likeness. You have to insert your personal dates: your city abroad; the name and the address of your university abroad; the language of the city that hosts you; the day when you have to pay your rent; the time of the alarm; the time of the lessons.

You have to play to earn “coins”. With your coins you can buy in the Game’s shop concerts/parties/markets/events/museums/little trips/train discount tickets.


This app consist in:

• The bell
This mini-game helps you to wake up on time and not to be on late.
It consists in a really noisy alarm and you can stop it only after solving a logic game (math exercises, memory games, questions…)

• Pay the rent
This mini-game is unlocked only in the day when you have to pay the rent of your apartment(in the reality). The best example to explane this game it’s like Temple Run or Subway surf. You are your avatar that have to run on time to the bank and step around obstacles and distractions (the traffic, the people in the street, your friends that want to have a party…).


Social games

• I’m the chef
You are literally the chef. The app propose to you some ingredients and you have to mix it to create healthy and tasty recipes.

• Here!
It works with geo-localization. You have to upload your position in the begin of each lesson and earn coins.


Social contests
On the Facebook page of the game each month there are some contests with which if you win you can earn coins

• Cooking contest
You can post your healthy recipes with the photos of the plats that you can really cook and get likes and the winner will earn 1000 coins.

• Before and after
In this contest you can upload the photo of your room before and after that you clean it. The winner is the best cleaner.

•Drunk selfie
In this contest the most bizzarre photo win.


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