Title: Frontex

Members: Panni Federico, Giulia Edalli, Zeynep Masalaci

Kind of game: Serious Game

Target: 16+

Plot of the game:

The game is based on an actual and discussed theme such as Immigration. The main characters are syrian migrants escaping from war and trying to reach Northern Europe to get better life.

The journey is very long and hard: the migrants have to front a lot of troubles like closed customs, police trying to catch them, rough sea, lack of food and so on. The game is organized on a big map : the migrants have to be guided through the easiest route possible. Depending on the track you choose every time, you’ll have to solve mini games always trying to save as much migrants as possible. The game gives you the opportunity to reflect on the hard conditions of these people: a lot of them (men, woman, children ecc..) will die during the trip. At the end of the game you’ll gain a score depending on how many refugees you saved.

Thematic references:





Logical references:





Graphic choices:

We decided to develop this game with “flat graphic” because we think it’s a kind of fresh and modern kind of illustration which makes the game easier to play and gives us the opportunity to talk about  serious themes in an easy way.


AdobeStock_102977668 [Convertito]

Pirates treasure island game
Pirate treasure island map game puzzle template vector illustration.


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