Hi,m12240909_10207528920922097_7604066261236786782_oy name is Federica Michela De Fraia, I am twenty years old and I’m studying Graphic Design at the Fine Arts Academy in Naples, before that, I studied Illustration at the Italian Comix school. I have always been fascinated by illustration for kids and cartoons and I would like to find my future job in this world that looks so complicatedly magical.  At the moment I am working on my digital coloring skills trying to improve them using the best graphic and photography softwares I know, but I am still very bonded to brushes, paper and paint. I recognise that the world evolved and so did design and coloring techniques, but I adore different types of support, like paper or canvas, and different tools, from watercolor that is able to create poetic and evanescent atmospheres, to acrylic paint that thanks to highly tactile strokes creates interesting textures involving all senses.



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