Energy Profit

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A game based on the McDonalds video game, as an ironic game, but here you play a corrupt politician who does everything to get the maximum profit in his pocket. He is  ruining the highlands with dams, hydro stations and power lines to make cheap energy for alumnium smelters. Do do this he has to corrupt and manipulate a lot of people and please his inverstor.


Main character

The corrupt politician : Archetype and role

The evil corrupt capitalist that does whatever to nature and his country for maximum profit. You can choose between a man or a woman in suit.

The Investor : Archetype and role

Also an evil corrupt capitalist and an economic hitman, that ones a multi billion company and gains profit by corrupting politicians, giving loans that counties can’t pay and maximizing profit at any cost. A fat, bold italian.

Minor characters / Interactions: Archetype and role

Farmers, journalists, environmentalist, general public, artists, tourist industry, scientist and other politicians. They all play minor character that you can corrupt, brive or lie to.

Spatial strucute / the world

The game has 3 3d levels that all interact with on another. You can click on buildings for actions.

A. The Energy board

Here are the unspoiled highlands – for now. A beautiful nature everywhere you look. Here you can build dams, resevor lakes and power lines. By doing this you ruin unspoiled land, important ground for birdlife, ruin fishing in the rivers and make it untracctable for tourists.

B. The Aluminium smelter

Here you run your smelter built by tax payers and the investor. Here you have a dock where you get baxit from Australia with ships and turn it into aluminium. You pollute the air and sea and have heavy power lines everywhere. 

Here you can pay off the mayor of the town and also farmers.

C. Headquarters 

Here we have the parliament, media, your office, scientist and the people. Here you can make a speech about the economy boom and all the jobs the smelter produces and all with “clean” energy so it really is “green aluminium”. You can also make the media write stories to undermine the god damn enviromental hippies and make the scientist do they’re work again for some reason.

So in the 3 worlds that work together you can click on houses to do actions.

Objectives of the game

The objective is to gain the most profit for your investor and your own pocket. And keep everyone happy believing the aluminium industry is producing a lot of money for the country, nice jobs and that we need to do more of it. You have these groups that you have to keep happy otherwise they will rise against you.

  1. Other politicians 
  2. Enviromentalists, organisasions and scientist
  3. The public
  4. The Investor

Teaching objectives

  • To make the player aware of the real cost and corruption of heavy industry and who really gets the profit.
  • Also that heavy industry is not really prodicing a lot of money for the country. that it is never a smart plan only to invest in one industry and the nature is more valuable unspoiled.

How to win/lose the game

After you have taken all the energy possible out of the hydro damns, the price for aluminium falls in the world as industry hemp replaces it for everything instead and at a low cost and in a sustainable way.



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